Currency Exchange, Simplified!

Introducing a location-based currency comparison app unlike any other

Greater Savings

Avoid scams or any extra and hidden costs associated with using credit cards and ATMs abroad! Find, compare, book and lock down only the best rates around you. Enjoy personalised deals from licensed money changers, depending on the amount you wish to exchange—on top of exciting travel offers in your destination country.

Real Rates

Unlike other apps, CurrenSeek shows you competitive street rates, not wholesale inter-bank rates that are not made available to ordinary travelers but more for major financial institutions. We support local independent and family-run money changing businesses by giving them greater visibility to responsible travelers like you.

More Convenience

No more running around on foot shopping for the best rates, or calling one FOREX provider after another to make comparisons. Now you can plan for your trip ahead by setting alerts for CurrenSeek to notify you instantly when rates dip in your favour, reserving only the best deals and arranging for your convenient collection time.


Grow Your Currency Exchange Business

Drive more customers to your store and expand your reach beyond your shopfront!

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Why CurrenSeek Is Every Traveller’s Best Buddy

Did you know that foreign exchange rates not only fluctuate from day to day, but can also vary significantly from one FOREX provider to another? The disparity can cost up to 200% of your travel money! (Read our Blog for our true account of that sour experience.)

CurrenSeek was created to help you make informed exchanges and connect easily with money changers to reserve the best rates for you. Never get that sinking feeling again when you find a better rate just down the road!

CurrenSeek has also established collaborations with major regional travel partners so you can enjoy exciting travel offers in your destination country and pack in more value for your travel money.

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Make Your Journey Worth It.

Discover how you can travel savvy and be rewarded at the same time!


Lock down & reserve the best rates from licensed moneychangers.


Can wait for a better rate? Set an alert to notify you real-time when rates dip in your favour.


Once booked, you can communicate with your chosen money changer and arrange your collection time.


CurrenSeek takes you there, using your desired mode of navigation.


Take advantage of exciting travel promotions upon completion of transaction.


Leave a review about any currency exchange facility and keep fellow travelers like yourself informed!

OUR Team

A multidisciplinary combination of tech, finance and user acquisition experts

Amir Haghbin


MBA, entrepreneur, digital marketing and web strategist with 10+ years experience helping startups build, launch and growth hack innovative solutions.

Hakim Karim


Intra/entre-preneur with 25+ years at MNCs and startups across Europe, US & Asia; directly generated US$30m in annual recurring revenue

David Oh


Former lawyer, now a consultant with 20+ years in Intellectual Property and Intellectual Asset Management


Chief Product Owner

Innovative leader and mentor with extensive global experience in financial services. Former CIO at Fortune 500s and MNCs across Europe, USA and Asia.

Alison A. Rodrigues

Business Development Manager

20+ years of experience in business development, sales, marketing and team-leadership in various industries, spanning from banking and IT to fashion, sport and FMCG. Results-oriented, proactive trouble-shooter, motivator and team-focused leader.

Joann Soon

Content lead

10+ years content creation across numerous  web and social media channels. Founded a fintech app and co-founded an edu-tech app


Design lead

6 years’ experience in design, branding, UI/UX planning and project management, Sue Lin is a talented multi-tasker—able to manage entire product cycles from ideation to execution.

Advisory Panel

Our board of fintech advisors

James Spurway

Ecopreneur, business builder, leader & life junkie with 25-year track record as a C-Level Executive in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Alexandre Yokoyama

Business leader with solid experience in emerging markets (Latin America and Southeast Asia). Former Google executive.

Felipe Daguila

17+ years experience leading Fortune 500, startups & FINTECH companies worldwide. Now a game changer at Google, APAC.

Arvin Singh

Director at Visa with strong payments background (APAC & North America) and INSEAD MBA alum.

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