Stretch Your Holiday Budget Despite The Weakening Ringgit

Bitten by the wanderlust bug? With the value of the ringgit plummeting fast and the cost of living steadily rising, many of us may be rethinking our travelling plans. Keyboard warriors have all but taken to social media channels to express their disappointment with the depreciating value of our currency, but there is a faster way to get more bang for your buck aside from banging on the government’s doors.

What’s the most crucial item for every traveller’s wallet?

When you have sorted out your destination, accommodation and transportation, you move on to obtaining the item crucial in every traveller’s wallet: your destination’s currency. Maybe you would think that it is not a big deal, as money changers and banks are aplenty in Malaysia or you could even change in the country itself when you land. But what if we told you that you could save money by ensuring you get the best exchange rates as foreign exchange rates can vary significantly from one FOREX to another? That is where the Android app CurrenSeek comes into play.

How does CurrenSeek keep your Ringgits safe?

CurrenSeek helps travellers find the cheapest currency exchange facilities by listing down all their exchange rates of the money changers and banks near you, minus the hassle of shopping around. By equipping you with vital information on the latest updated rates, you won’t need to withdraw local currencies at ATMs which incur hidden fees.

Currently, CurrenSeek covers up to 10 major currencies, and their area of coverage spans, KLIA 1 and KLIA 2. With the success of its beta launch and ample user feedback, the CurrenSeek team is looking to expand coverage areas in order to benefit more users.

Now, shopping for exchange rates may put off some people, but the fact remains: Every ringgit counts. Losing a few ringgits here and there could add up to a significant loss, especially if you’re planning to do loads of shopping in your holiday destination! Considering that disparities can sometimes cost you up to 200% of your hard-earned travel budget, by utilising CurrenSeek, you can avoid tightening your purse strings so early in your travel plans—thereby freeing up more means to enjoy your trip.


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