Catch Hakim Karim live on air at TraXXFM where he will talk about CurrenSeek and its role in digitally transforming the underserved money service business industry in Malaysia, together with Thameejudeen P. Ibrahim, CEO at Al-Tamij Capital Resources Sdn Bhd, a leading money changer in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.   0.0 00


True Story: Why One Shouldn’t Travel Without Currency

On a recent holiday to Bali, my partner and I decided not to carry any foreign currency. We were sure that our international debit and credit cards would work at the airport ATMs and that we could conveniently withdraw cash. To our not so pleasant surprise, neither of our cards of different leading banks worked to dispense any cash. Luckily, we

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Travel Smart With GetDoc!

In the previous part of this article, you read how newbie traveller Jeremy made use of CurrenSeek app to easily plan the foreign currency bit for his overseas trip. In this second part, you will find out how he planned other important travel planning stuff such as health. Yes, apart from your hotel and tickets and itinerary, you need to

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Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 – An Insider’s Guide

It’s that time of the year again for Japan to celebrate its yearly cherry blossom festivals. Better known as Hanami in Japanese, which literally translates to “viewing flowers”, people gather under blooming cherry blossoms for food, drinks, entertainment, and of course to experience the dazzling beauty of the cherry blossoms. Here’s your guide to the perfect cherry blossom festival experience:

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Top 7 Travel Destinations with Favourable Exchange Rates

The Malaysian ringgit has been falling since the end of 2014 and took a sharp dip in 2015. However, thankfully, the ringgit has been somewhat stabilising in 2016. Though the ringgit is still weak, it shouldn’t stop Malaysians from taking a well-deserved vacation to other countries. To stretch your travel dollar (or rather ringgit), here are 7 travel destinations that

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Overseas Budget Travel Tips and Secrets for Malaysians

Scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feeds. It’s easy to spot the current buzzword for Malaysians: #wanderlust. Pictures of gorgeous sunsets by the beach, luxurious waterfall escapes, off-the-beaten-track forest trails, cafes and gastronomic adventures dominate your newsfeeds—creating a burgeoning appetite for wanderlust! Of course right now, the weakening Ringgit doesn’t do any favours for those of us bitten by the

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