Terms of Use (Summarised Version)

We know it is important to be clear with our terms of use, so we have summarised them below and we provide a link to the legal agreement at the end.

Please make sure you understand these points before continuing to use our service:

    • If you use any parts of the CurrenSeek service you are agreeing to our legal Terms of Use. The CurrenSeek Service includes mobile applications and browser-based functionality.
    • CurrenSeek connects licensed currency exchange providers, who are all licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia, with CurrenSeek’s customers primarily to conduct foreign currency exchange services.
    • Once the terms of the transaction are agreed via the CurrenSeek Service it is the responsibility of the licensed currency exchange provider and Customer to ensure the transaction is completed to the satisfaction of both parties within the rule of applicable rules and regulations.
    • To use CurrenSeek’s services Customers will need to register with CurrenSeek. CurrenSeek and its partners may use this information for marketing purposes. If a Customer does not want to receive offers and updates they can request to be removed from receiving this information.
    • Customer’s private data necessary to facilitate the transaction will be captured and processed by CurenSeek and essential 3rd parties. All such data will be held and processed in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.
    • CurrenSeek offers electronic payment via the 3rd party FPX service. CurrenSeek does not need any details of the Customer’s bank account details, but on successful payment the name of the bank account holder will be passed by FPX to the licensed currency exchange providers and CurrenSeek.

To see the full legal Terms of Use please follow this link.

To see the Terms of Use for a particular licensed currency exchange provider, including any Refund Policy, please follow the link in the service page which initiates the transaction with the licensed currency exchange provider.

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