Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this service?

As long as you are 18 years old and above and possess any of the following ID types

  • New IC
  • Passport
  • Army/Police
  • Temporary Resident
  • Permanent Resident

How can I be sure that I'm getting Foreign Currency notes from a reliable source?

CurrenSeek only partners with authorised money changers who possess a license issued by the government regulator Bank Negara Malaysia. They are required to provide genuine notes which are acceptable in the country of issue.

What is the maximum period of collection date that I can select during order placement?

The collection period is normally the same day, but may be extended by agreement with the money changer.

Will I get any notification once I have placed my order?

You receive the order confirmation within the CurrenSeek’s mobile app or in your browser session if you are using CurrenSeek’s browser-based booking facility. If you use CurrenSeek’s browser-based booking facility you will receive the notification email once your order and payment have been accepted successfully. The email will be sent to the email account you provide during the ordering process.

Where can I collect the physical foreign currency notes?

You can collect them at the selected money changer during ordering. Some money changers are prepared to deliver on a case to case basis. You can check with them through the instant messaging feature in the app or the money changer website’s browser-based booking facility after placing the order.

I want specific denomination. Can I request for it?

You can request for specific notes after placing an order, using the instant messaging feature in the booking system in CurrenSeek mobile app or the money changer’s browser-based booking facility. Please note that although the participating money changers make every effort to meet denomination requests, it is not always possible, and therefore, they cannot guarantee your request. If they cannot provide you with exactly what you have requested, they will do their best to ensure it is as close to your request as possible.

How do I collect the physical foreign currency notes at the money changer?

Please provide the booking reference and any payment confirmation you have received together with your identification document. Customer verification will be performed by Money Changer and the officer will pass the foreign currency notes to you once the verification is successful.

Do note that money changers are bound by the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing, Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001, Money Service Business Act 2011 and hence they are responsible to track any suspicious activities of customers or any activities performed under unusual conditions. Therefore, they reserve the right to:

  1. Request from you any supporting documentation to proceed with suspicious transactions; and
  2. Refuse to process a transaction when they believe that the transaction may be associated with money laundering, terrorism financing or other proceeds of unlawful activities.

Do note that they may collect personal customer information of the customers in accordance and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

What documents need to be submitted to collect the foreign exchange?

As per regulator guidelines, specific documents are required to be presented to complete the transaction. Money Changer will be responsible for informing you regarding this requirement and will also be the one collecting the documents from you.

Document submission is a regulatory requirement for the purpose of Customer Due Diligence in light of the regulators; efforts to track transactions associated with money laundering, terrorism financing or other proceeds of unlawful activities. Do note the collected information of the customers will be treated in accordance and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. 

Can I reschedule my collection date if there is any change in my trip or flight plans?

You can request that the collection date or time is changed by using the instant messaging feature in CurrenSeek’s mobile app or the money changer’s browser-based booking facility. The money changer will have to confirm the change. They will do their best to accommodate you, but they cannot guarantee to meet your request.

Can I cancel my order?

The cancellation and refund policy differs from one money changer to another. Therefore, before make a payment, please read the cancellation and refund policy of the selected money changer which is prominently displayed in the booking screen.

Can I sell currency through CurrenSeek?

Yes, providing a money changer states a quote for buying the specific foreign currency and they confirm the order. You will be paid in Ringgit notes, no online payment to your bank account is supported.

What is FPX?

FPX is a secure payment system run by MyClear, a subsidiary of Bank Negara Malaysia, to facilitate the movement of funds between Malaysian bank accounts. Please see for more information

Do I have to register before making a payment with FPX?

No FPX registration is required. You can use FPX straightaway as long as you have an active Internet banking account with any of the FPX participating banks.

What Banks are supported?

Currently, FPX is offered by the following FPX participating Banks

What must I have before I can make payments with FPX?

You’ll need an Internet Banking account, a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages and an Internet connection with the CurrenSeek app installed and registered.

Can I use my business bank account?

FPX service is only available for individual Internet Banking customers. It is not open to Sole Proprietors and Small Business customers.

Is my transaction via FPX really secure?

FPX uses high standards of authentication and certification to ensure all transactions are secure.

Are there any specific charges for using the online payment service?

No automatic charges will be made to your account. Most Money Changers will absorb the cost, but they can make a charge subject to their policy, which they should let you know in advance and include this charge in your final receipt.

What is availability of FPX services?

Currently FPX service is available 24 hours* daily at most of the FPX participating banks.

*Depending on the participating banks’ Internet banking service availability.

Does payment via FPX require TAC?

Majority of the Malaysian banks are provide a second level of security before you are allowed to perform the online payment. So, after selecting your bank from the list of the FPX participating banks, sign in to your online banking account, if you see TAC is required, you should tap on [Request a TAC number] link to request the bank to send a TAC number to the mobile phone number which has registered with the bank and Click [Continue] button to continue.

What is the minimum and maximum transaction limit for FPX?

For retail/personal banking account, the minimum limit per transaction is RM1.00 and maximum amount is limited up to RM30,000* per transaction. For company/corporate banking, the minimum limit per transaction is RM2.00 and maximum amount is limited up to RM1,000,000* per transaction.

*The above limit is subject to your internet banking withdrawal limit with your bank, whichever is lower. The Money Changer may also impose limits, so best to check in advance

Will I have to provide my Bank Account information to the Money Changer or the CurrenSeek app?

No personal banking details will be captured by the CurrenSeek app / Money Changer website booking facility or given to the Money Changer. All the information entered to complete the payment is via your secure direct Internet Banking service.

Will I receive transaction confirmation when I pay online?

Yes, once the payment has been made from your internet banking account a transaction status receipt will be sent to the email address you provide before you authorise the payment. You can also find the transaction confirmation in the CurrenSeek app or Money Changer’s website booking facility.

Where can I view my payment transactions?

You may check your account balance and transaction history via your Internet Banking service or the transaction history via the CurrenSeek app or Money Changer website booking facility to see what payments you have made via FPX using the CurrenSeek app or Money Changer website booking facility.

Do I have to make the payment in advance?

You can agree with the Money Changer when and how much to pay, but we recommend paying when you are at the Money Changer’s store and have agreed the exact amount to pay in Ringgits and what foreign currency you will receive in return, as foreign currency note availability and denominations can change due to demand.

What if I forget my online banking security details?

Your bank controls access to your Internet Banking account, so you will need to deal with your bank to resolve any issues when trying to access your account.

I have made a payment using FPX, how can I know that my payment is successful?

There are 3 methods in which you will be able to know that your FPX transaction is successful:
1.  Online receipt provided by FPX.
2.  Email notification sent by FPX system (provided that you have entered your email address at FPX bank selection page).
3.  Receipt provided by your Money Changer and recorded in the CurrenSeek app or your Money Changer Website’s booking facility.

While making payment using FPX, I have received an error / unsuccessful message. However, the money has been deducted from my bank account. What should I do?

In the event that your account has been deducted but the transaction was marked as unsuccessful for some reasons, your money will be credited back into your account by your Bank. You can contact your Bank for the reversal status by providing the FPX Transaction ID or Merchant Order No. as a reference. You can also provide a screen shot of your payment that displays the FPX Transaction ID or Merchant Order No via the CurrenSeek app.

The Money Changer claims they have not received my payment although the FPX transaction status is successful. What should I do?

In the event that you receive confirmation, but there has been none to the Money Changer show them your confirmation message. They may ask you to wait a while, if they still want to confirm receipt, but they are obliged to complete the exchange when they receive confirmation.

Can I cancel a successful FPX transaction?

No. It is not possible to cancel a successful FPX transaction via the system. However, you may request your Money Changer for such cancelation, subject to the Money Changer’s policy. Your Money Changer may buy your foreign currency at the prevailing at board rate

How long will it take to complete the payment online and receive confirmation?

This is dependent on your provider Bank, but it should only take a few minutes and the payment is made and confirmed immediately.

What happens if I have insufficient funds in my account?

Your transaction will be rejected.

Are payments debited from my account on the same day?

Yes, it is done immediately

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