Get Rewarded For Exchanging Currency With Malaysian Money Changers!

Have you been keeping up with CurrenSeek’s latest updates? It’s time to do so because we have great news for you! We’ve teamed up with several INCREDIBLE partners to get the best for all our loyal users. For a limited time, CurrenSeek will be giving out rewards to those who book their currencies with our app.

What are the rewards you ask?

Well, we have many partners who want the best for you. Click here to find out more.

Missed out on these awesome treats?

No worries, you’re still eligible to the benefits of our deals as long as you didn’t throw away the receipt you received from your moneychanger upon exchanging currency.

What receipt you ask?

Here’s an example of a receipt from one of our happy CurrenSeekers. Just send over the receipt you’ve got from the money changer using the app.

How to get rewarded?

Getting rewarded is super simple, and to make it even easier, the 5 steps below will help plenty! It is that simple. Don’t wait any longer, get rewarded for making exchanges NOW!

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